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Testimonials from participants from previous editions

Let’s meet the recipients from previous editions of the Orange Young Designers contest. Discover what they have gained from the contest and their views on the contest.

  • Szu-Wen Wang #1

    Industrial Designer for Mark Lintott Design Interior Design Studio in Taipei, Taiwan

    What did this Orange challenge bring you?
    It was great opportunity to join the challenge. I gained a lot from the chances to communicate with Orange. The brief we got in 2013 asked us to hand in both product and scenario video. I think this is the most benefit part for me. It opened up my ability in scenario creation and found out that I am actually good at story telling around an object and love it. It also brought me the chance to visit Paris and meet other creative designers.

    What the Young Designers Orange Challenge means to you?
    The award means a lot to me. It approved my ability in design thinking and the following developments. I like the tiny insight I got from the challenge. The question Orange brought out made me to rethink some simple nouns such as ‘home’ and ‘communication’, which can be defined very differently based on distinct contexts. It was not a perfect finished project but it did bring out something fun in mundane.

  • Simon Lauwerier #2

    Designer for Cogniance, in Munich, Germany

    What did the Orange Jeunes Designers competition bring you?
    This competition gave me the chance to work on challenges that every company is facing nowadays. What will innovation look like in the future? Who will be tomorrow’s innovators and who will they interact with? To me, this competition was an opportunity to escape from the academic routine and open myself up to new design horizons. From a personal point of view, the project awakened my passion for analysing how people interact with each other and thinking how design can influence that. The competition also opened doors for me, which have undoubtedly helped me find my current job. I now work as a designer in the field of innovation, at Cogniance in Munich, and UX (user experience) design is fundamental in the research we do.

    What does the Orange Jeunes Designers competition mean to you?
    What makes this competition unique is the close relationship we develop with the people of Orange, who were there for us throughout the entire creative process and provided us with great insight and advice on our ideas. It’s also the opportunity to see what solutions students from different European design schools come up with when facing the same challenge.

  • Guillemette de Brabant #3

    Student at ENSCI-Les Ateliers, in Paris

    What did the Orange Jeunes Designers competition bring you?
    I entered the Orange Jeunes Designers competition during my first semester studying at ENSCI-Les Ateliers, in September 2013. It provided me with an opportunity to develop a meticulous creative process, because, for the device I designed to work in the most realistic way possible, I had to map out of all the mechanisms and the functions it featured (What happens when you click here? What does the user see?). The challenge of the competition was very motivating and it gave me the energy to take my project much further than I would have imagined possible. The discussions I had with the Orange team and the advice I received from my two project directors (Christophe Gaubert and Guillaume Foissac) really helped my design grow throughout the entire process and allowed me to remain realistic, while pushing me towards innovative thinking and encouraging me not to lose touch with the user’s perspective. I also learnt a lot from the diversity of solutions that the other participants found. It’s always very informative to see the various approaches that different designers take to solve the same problem. I came out of this competition feeling like I’d become more autonomous and like I was better equipped to carry out a project to completion, from the first rough idea to an actual product drawing and the final presentation video.

    What does the Orange Jeunes Designers competition mean to you?
    The Orange Jeunes Designers competition is a springboard for tomorrow’s designers. It is an opportunity to work on current design challenges to anticipate every user’s future desires and needs in terms of communication. In today’s digital age, where data is largely dematerialised, the concern about rematerialising data is expressed in every theme chosen for the competition, which makes participants more sensitive to this issue in their solutions. The links between people and their environment, but also between people themselves, are a central issue in those challenges.

  • Mathieu Delacroix #3

    Fifth-year student at the Saint-Étienne Higher School of Art and Design, preparing a Master’s in design

    What did the Orange Jeunes Designers competition bring you?
    The Orange Jeunes Designers competition is the first one I ever entered as a student of the Saint-Étienne Higher school of Art and Design. Charles Haumont and I were thrilled to have a chance to develop our project with the support of the Orange team, who worked very closely with us in every step of the competition. The whole experience taught us so much in terms of work method. The relevance of the themes selected by Orange is also an important factor to engage the participants and provide them with the drive they need. I think Orange is right to give participants a new theme to work on each year, coming up with digital-oriented challenges that young designers-in-training rarely get a chance to put their minds to. It’s a great way to broaden your perspective, to take an even more creative stand. It’s a real challenge to tackle and it is very stimulating! As the winner of the competition, it also brought me some interesting visibility. It was the first time one of my projects was being shown to the public. During the award ceremony, Charles and I gave a lot of interviews, which was a first for me. I remember we got published on, in Intramuros magazine, etc. Those also brought visibility to the school. And the award we received that night gave our work validation and meaning. We felt recognized. Even more so considering the jury includes design experts from Orange, but also professionals who are renowned in their fields. This recognition from design professionals also allowed me to feel more self-confident in my work.

    What does the Orange Jeunes Designers competition mean to you?
    It is a competition that stands out among others, if only by the focus on telecommunications in every theme. When I decided to enter the competition, the theme was cloud storage, which gave us the opportunity to push as far as we wanted into the realm of possibility. And as a designer, that’s very exciting. What I particularly appreciated was the way the students were monitored by the Orange team throughout the duration of the competition and the bonds that we developed with each other. I also remember the award ceremony, which was amazing. Now, it’s a great memory and I still follow each new competition with the same interest.

  • Valentin Penault #4

    Second-year student preparing a diploma of applied arts in sustainable and eco-friendly product design at the Higher School of Design Raymond Loewy, in La Souterraine.

    What did the Orange Jeunes Designers competition bring you?
    This competition has brought me first and foremost a very meaningful professional and human experience. The designers at Orange France were very helpful at every step of the project. Their advice and recommendations helped my partner and me realize the importance of design when faced with today’s challenges. But beyond the people we met, our participation was also an occasion for me to gain skills on additional software: for example, learning how to edit videos, which is a significant advantage for a design student. I can honestly say this competition was a great experience, both interesting and educational.

    What did the Orange Jeunes Designers competition bring you?
    To me, the Orange Jeunes Designers competition is a great exercise for any designer who is interested in social issues, and in humans generally speaking. It provides contenders with an opportunity to reflect on the way we live our lives and contributes to helping them gain their own perspectives on the world around us. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to find their voices as a designers-to-be.

  • Audrey Cruchade #4

    Currently looking for a job in France or the Netherlands. Is thinking about pursuing a Master’s in UX Design on an apprenticeship track.

    What did the Orange Jeunes Designers competition bring you?
    Participating in the Orange competition was a great experience. The way the competition is organised is very interesting. We got to meet other candidates and had a good time discussing and sharing our perspectives. We also met the Orange design team during two workshops. It was very inspirational to get the chance to talk to the team about their projects! The competition brings visibility to participants, it’s like a stage to showcase your work.

    What does the Orange Jeunes Designers competition mean to you?
    The Orange competition is one of the major design competitions in France. It focuses on very current and much-discussed challenges. The topics chosen give you the possibility to take a comprehensive approach and look not only at the product, the smart capabilities, the experience, but also at the services and the innovative solutions you can provide.

  • Estelle Pannier #4

    Final-year student preparing a diploma of applied arts in sustainable and eco-friendly design at the Higher School of Design Raymond Loewy, in La Souterraine.

    What did the Orange Jeunes Designers competition bring you?
    It was a very enriching experience. First, it taught me a lot about working as a team with my partner. We combined our respective skills and complemented each other very well, both when we were developing the concept and when we were turning that concept into what became our project, TACT. We also invested some of the time we had to meet visually impaired people and their educators. It seemed important to us to get to know the target users of our project. Our approach had a very positive impact on our understanding of their situation and allowed us to assess their specific needs. It increased our motivation to design a tool that would truly cater to those needs! I also am very thankful for all the meetings we had with the Orange designers, who advised us, challenged us and guided us, so all of our ideas could reach their full potential. An outside eye from someone who knows design is a great help to make sure your project remains coherent and feasible. And of course, I won’t forget about the prize either, which has obviously made it much easier for me to go abroad for a three-month design internship.

    What does the Orange Jeunes Designers competition mean to you?
    I think the Orange Jeunes Designers competition is a good way to open new possibilities to solve current social and/or societal challenges. With a very broad theme, the competition pushes us to select creative paths that lead us to apply ourselves and really question our future. The theme we were given, “the network”, was a very inspiring one, and a concept that we are confronted with everyday. Designing new ways to give it our own interpretation was a real challenge! And if the competition is meant for design students and recent design graduates, it is precisely because a fresh set of eyes can shed light on this changing world we live in and bring deeper understanding. All participants have the opportunity to share their own personal, forward-looking perspectives. This is what makes this competition so enriching: having a diversity of solutions that all developed from the same topic. For that reason, the award ceremony was very interesting to me; it was a chance for me to discover all of those solutions!