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  1. Orange Young Designers Competition
  2. 2014
  3. Orange spreads your wings: the jury

Orange spreads your wings: the jury

Who is going to judge the projects submitted by the students and award prizes to the three winning concepts? After the interview with Margaret Stewart, Director of Project Design at Facebook and chair of the jury, discover the biographies and career summaries of the other members of the jury.

Andrée Fraiderik-Vertino, ex cooperative design-Audi (pole design)

After spending six years in sales management at Club Med, Andrée Fraiderik-Vertino got herself noticed by the Madame Business blog and interviewed women board members around the world. In 2008, she founded Cooperative Design with Frédéric Rossi-Liegibel. A cross between a laboratory and a PR agency, it serves as a discussion platform for designers and has been awarded innovation and “Paris Capitale de Création” labels. From 2010 to 2012 she promoted design and innovation at Audi France. She now advises large international brands and continues to work as a journalist for Tank, Intersection Magazine and the Madame Business blog. Andrée Fraiderik-Vertino also teaches management and economics.

Antoine Fenoglio, Sismo design

Antoine Fenoglio has been a designer for over 15 years, and is an associate of Frédéric Lecourt, with whom he founded Sismo, an industrial design and innovation agency in Paris. They have designed a whole host of everyday products (including the Tasse Petale bistro coffee cup, the first Peugeot electric pepper mill and the new La Poste postbox) and have put on a variety of mass market exhibitions. As an innovation advisor to large firms, public institutions and SME bosses, Antoine Fenoglio works with contemporary artists and defines himself as a committed designer. He has won numerous prizes and accolades (he was recently made Chevalier des Arts et Lettres) and has published a variety of books.

Marc Jalabert, Microsoft

Marc Jalabert is MD of the Microsoft France Consumer Channels Group, which is tasked with smoothing access to the latest Microsoft innovations and carrying out targeted marketing campaigns for the Windows Phone and Xbox/Kinect product lines. He started his career in R&D at the Microsoft Corporation head office in Redmond in 1989, before joining Microsoft France in late 1992. In 2001 he was made Sales Manager for telecoms and media, and in 2004 he was appointed to the French subsidiary’s management committee as Director of Business Development and headed up the Platforms and Ecosystems Division from May 2005. In July 2008, he became director of the Marketing and Operations Division, where one of his duties was to oversee the launch of the Office365 and Windows Azure cloud computing offerings. Marc was also part of the team behind the establishment of the joint Microsoft-INRIA research lab.

Marc Jalabert qualified as an IT engineer from the ENSEEIHT engineering school, has an MBA from the INSEAD business school, and is a member of the advisory board for ENSCI (French national school for advanced design studies).

Sophie Reynal, Allia Finance

After graduating from HEC Paris, Sophie Reynal began her career at Goldman Sachs in London before joining Credit Suisse First Boston in London and then New York, and was then named vice-president at the Paris office. She next led the MSBC CCF mergers & acquisitions team before being recruited by Citgroup as a senior banker in Paris. In early 2008, she founded AlliA Finance, a financial consultancy and analysis firm.

Sophie Reynal runs the HEC alumni network and the 2.0 corporate communications consulting firm Spintank. She lectures on leadership, entrepreneurship and management, takes part in the CPD programme for the Ecole Nationale d’Administration, and sits on a number of working groups, including one on equality at work. She is a Chevalier of the National Order of Merit.

Virginia Cruz, IDSL interaction

Virginia Cruz graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole des Mines de Paris, and holds a Masters in Art and Design from the Royal College of Art in London. She is now a designer at ISL, an innovation consultancy, and specialises in interaction and service design. She has worked for large firms like Orange-France Telecom, Sony R&D in France, Electrolux in Sweden, and “The Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum” in India on innovation, interaction research, service concept development and brand design strategy projects. Since 2006, Virginia has taught design and design thinking, and was appointed to the French National Digital Council in 2013.

John Palacin, Cabinet Montebourg

John Palacin is an adviser to Arnaud Montebourg, the French Minister of Industrial Renewal, with responsibility for issues relating to industrial design. He helped to kick-start the work of the France design team and organised the first two “Design conferences” in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Communication. Along with the Directorate for Competitiveness, Industry and Services (DGCIS), he advises the minister on implementing the proposals from the report by Alain Cadix and the Design mission. The Ministry of Industrial Renewal sees industrial design and use-driven innovation as major levers for boosting the competitiveness of French SMEs.

Pierre-Yves Panis, Director of Design and User experience Orange

French/Belgian industrial designer Pierre-Yves Panis has followed a serendipitous and unique career path which includes experience on three continents and work both inside and outside the corporate world.

PY is currently Design & Art Direction Vice-President for Legrand, the world’s foremost manufacturer of electrical systems, and leads Legrand’s international design teams in developing innovative solutions that deliver and control power and data for users all around the globe.

Prior to joining Legrand in 2003, PY was Principal Designer at Moen, leading US manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen taps and accessories. Before taking on corporate jobs in the US and France, PY spent nine years in Southern Africa where he founded and managed Design Co Operation (DCO), a non-profit structure which used an industrial design approach to improve urban informal sector production in Zimbabwe.

An active member and International Advisor of DMI (Design Management Institute), PY speaks frequently in the US and Europe on creative leadership, design management as well as bottom of the pyramid design. He currenlty sits on the Executive Board of Icsid (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design).

He also reglarly teaches in various design and business management schools in Europe. He holds a Masters degree in Industrial Design from Les Ateliers (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle) in Paris.

Alexis Trichet, Director of Anticipation and Customer Experience Orange

Dominique Cardon

Xavier Perret, Director of Strategic Partnerships Orange

Xavier joined Orange Group sixteen years ago, working from the early stages within the Media, Broadcast & Internet Industry. He began as Technical Director for Broadcast solutions and then Marketing Director for GlobeCast, a France Telecom subsidiary specialized in the satellite and broadcast business.

He is now leading for Orange Group the Strategic Partnerships & Open innovation within the broadband, TV and Mobile Digital Ecosystem including partnerships with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other manufacturers and chipset vendors. He was instrumental in 2011 in launching strategic partnerships (Samsung and Orange TV, connected TV screens and Microsoft/Xbox One, Android and Windows devices).

In addition Xavier has been also leading Orange Partner. As part of those activities Xavier also overheads the product development of new open innovative services with the ecosystem on subjects relating around 4G mobile data services, privacy, data management & Big Data.

Xavier has a deep knowledge of the Telecommunication Industry within the Internet & Media ecosystem. Xavier is a fellow member of Corps des Télécoms & French Ecole Polytechnique as well as an Executive MBA graduate of the ESSEC-Mannheim Marketing School.