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  1. Orange Young Designers Competition
  2. 2014
  3. Interview with Caroline Besse

Interview with Caroline Besse Head of Messaging & Cloud Department Orange

What are the present and future issues at stake in the digital space, notably in the cloud?

In terms of innovation, the challenge is to offer our mass market customers a rich universe of digital services and content they can access anywhere, any time. In terms of security, Orange must be able to position itself as a trusted player, in partnership with third parties, in order to facilitate access to digital products and services – particularly in the area of user authentication. The mass take-up of cloud services will also be dependent on solution interoperability: a user must be able to transfer his or her data easily from one supplier to another. An important question has arisen: how do you pass on your digital legacy? There is also the question of format standardisation and longevity: digital data and files must be readable and accessible in the future. Lastly, how can cloud players offer users solutions to help them manage, share and use their personal data? The issues related to the cloud are many and varied…

What do Orange customers expect, here and now, in this area?

Customers need a safe service: they want to be reassured that their files will remain confidential and secure in the Orange Cloud. They also want support as they use the cloud for the first time, to help them get the most out of the service and its features. The service must be usable in the long term: they want to be able to retain access to their cloud even if they leave the operator. Finally, it must be accessible anywhere – from all their everyday digital services.

How do you think you can help students during the competition?

I can provide them with material: market surveys, customer feedback, product analysis, and our knowledge of the market and the issues that are arising.

Any advice for the students?

Test all the products on the market!